Ensure Your Patients are Protected Over Video with a HIPAA Compliant Provider 

The medical community is embracing unified communications and collaboration (UC&C software) to interact with patients, colleagues, insurance agencies and more. Because of the sensitive nature of patient information, UC&C solutions must adhere to HIPAA compliance standards, to ensure the highest levels of security for patient confidentiality.

Confidential Collaboration Through Video

Pinnaca recently joined the short list of HIPAA compliant UC&C providers, offering medical organizations and professionals a reliable and secure UC&C platform that allows doctors and patients to discuss confidential information securely. Pinnaca’s UC&C solutions were designed to shield all forms of electronic protected health information (ePHI) from potential security breaches. With Pinnaca’s solutions your medical team can discuss the below ePHI with peace-of-mind and focus on what really matters: patient health and wellbeing:


Personal Information (Name, SSN, Driver’s  License Number) 

Contact Information (Address, email, phone number)

Medical Records /Insurance Information

Technological Identifiers (IP Addresses, Web

URLs, Device Serial Numbers)

Medical Appointment Logistics 

Medical Images


Medical Exam /

Testing / Procedure Information


*ePHI is any information that could be used to uniquely identify an individual




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