Record & Stream 30-Day Trial

Easily Record & Stream Video Meetings and Calls

  1. Add the record address to your meeting.
  2. Access automatically saved recordings from your cloud account.
  3. Playback, share or download recordings any time, anywhere.
  4.  Additionally, create and share unique live streaming URLs with your audience.

Never Miss a Meeting

Video conferencing or call conferencing users can easily record and/or stream meetings and share it later. Individuals and companies that need a simple, easy-to-use recording add-on for their meetings will benefit most from trialing this service.

30-Day Trial Inclusions

  • Full record & stream service for 30 days
  • Test call with our customer service team to ensure proper functionality
  • Getting started guide, video and recording use tips
  • Access to playback, share or download recordings
  • Ability to create and share live streams
  • High quality recordings with global range

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