Inventing the Superstructure of Things

Communication has evolved radically since Alexander Graham Bell was awarded the first telephone patent in 1876. But did he ever imagine the complexities involved with visual communication? Nearly 150 years later, enterprises continue to struggle with video. Why is this? 

Video is exponentially more complicated than audio. That’s why Pinnaca has engineered a powerful cloud engine to automate the UC&C landscape. Finally, an umbrella superstructure for the underlying infrastructure of UC&C. Moreover, the cloud controlled engine brings with it a programmable rule-based framework; if the device is addressable, it’s controllable via the IoT extensibility agent.





A Communications Revolution



Defining and Solving the Market Problem



Strategy & Vision



Superstructure of Things Overview




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Passionate individuals from around the globe have come together over the past 18 years to help change the way the world communicates.

The video collaboration market and technology is continuously evolving. Video communications has been around for years, but now, it’s at the top of every company’s agenda; it’s here to stay. To ensure communications objectives are met, companies need to partner with a trusted advisor. Because today, visual communications is a requirement to help companies succeed

That’s where Pinnaca comes in… Since the earliest days of video conferencing, we have focused on the needs of our customers, delivering best-in-class video collaboration solutions. Utilizing an infrastructure that interconnects companies across the globe. And, When we say “customer experience,” we mean it.

Our unmatched, experienced global team and world-class customer support centers will be with you on every step of your visual communications journey and will keep you at the forefront as technology advances.

Pinnaca has a consistent record of moving customers from a 25% adoption rate to over the 75% mark by continuously integrating video as a mission-critical business application. We have the expertise to make your strategic business initiatives a success!