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Video Conferencing and Unified Collaboration is the next level of communication for your business. With technology continuously progressing, driven by impressive improvements in the three P’s - price, performance and... plumbing.

Indeed, while the average selling prices for group video conferencing systems have fallen, important features have become standard fare, including support for full motion 1080p video and rich, wideband audio. Meanwhile, recent social and cultural changes have made video a normal mode of communications for consumers and both private and enterprise.


How does this apply to me?

Video-enabled interaction transforms the delivery of financial organizations’ products and services. Having life-like video meetings is a cost-effective alternative to in-person interactions, driving revenue generation and delivery of services. Think of your branches as a network of resources, not just physical locations – the network is optimized to better serve customer segments and manage demand, increasing staff productivity. You can also view benefits and use cases on our Vertical Market page, for more information on the topic keep scrolling.


Video Conferencing Definition:

Video Conferencing (Also written as Videoconferencing) provides solutions for ab everyday collaboration need. Communicate face to face via cloud video and legacy video systems on Mobile (cellular) phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, web browsers (Web Real-Time Communication WebRTC), Boardrooms and video-enabled huddle rooms. 

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The solutions needs of each business may vary, but all follow the principle that video should offer higher value interactions and provide a better experience for both customers and advisors. Here are video applications currently deployed by financial organizations today:

  • Enables on-demand staffing
  • Used by Human Resources departments to conduct remote interviews, recruiting, and employee training
  • Used in branch offices and customer centers dealing with loans or business services
  • Outfits branches to provide customers with access to remote experts
  • Provides services to customers while they are within a bank
  • Facilitates staff education and training via streaming/webcasting
  • Used by executives to attend board meetings & deliver leadership announcements

"Video conferencing should offer higher value interactions and provide a better experience for both customers and advisors"

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Customer Acquisition - Growth/expansion

Visual collaboration can be used to grow a business, expand into new markets and manage customer opportunities. Applications include: 

  • Customer planning, tracking and review. Regular, visual contact with customers, white glove services training (employees, branch, partners). Acquisition/organization integration


Customer Retention

Video collaboration tools for remote resources can be used to enhance brand-to-headquarters support; end-user-to-branch support; visual information; and service kiosks for multi-product or multi-language experts. Applications include:

  • Improved branch office strategies
  • Remote expert
  • Improved staffing models
  • New products/programs launch and Q&A
  • Multi-lingual support

Benefits include:

  • Reduced time/cost per support call
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Competitive differentiation

Knowledge Worker Collaboration: Training/distance Learning

Video enables remote, interactive training, utilizing more frequent sessions versus one-time, on-site classes. Video also eliminates extensive planning or travelling. Applications include:

  • New product/policy training
  • Best practices training

Benefits include:

  • Knowledgeable sales force
  • Minimize time out of field
  • Reduced travel costs

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Video Conferencing as a Service (VCaaS)


A global, always-available virtual meeting space used for collaboration with customers, colleagues, partners, suppliers, and more. Connect all devices: room systems, mobile systems, desktop soft-clients, browsers, or phone systems. Our vast service is available through various technology options as well: Acano, Polycom, Cisco, Pexip, Vidyo. The end result is a versatile collaboration solution best suited to meet your specific needs.
Public-cloud, internet service equipped with personal or team meeting spaces that are accessible from any video-enabled device. The service is backed by our global VNOC and supported 24/7/365.
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Identifying the UC&C needs of your business enables you to find the specific components that are right for you. These could include elements from endpoints, cloud services, professional services managed services, call launch services and analytical reporting. Each business is different, and requires a bespoke UC&C package is a necessity if you intend to fulfil the specific requirements of your team.


 "Each business is different, and requires a bespoke UC&C package is a necessity if you intend to fulfil the specific requirements of your team."

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Internal IT Solutions

You have people to manage IT, but who handles your UC&C program? Ideally, IT requires analytical reports at the same level that they experience on other platforms. Furthermore, a UC&C solution requires a unique skill and may not have the internal resources to support it.

Main Concerns

  • CyberSecurity 
  • Ease of use & customer support included
  • Reporting 
  • Customization capabilities
  • A consistent user experience.
  • Implementation time/ costs 

End User

End users require an easy to use seamless UC&C solution that works across the organization and with key customer and partner contacts anytime everytime.

Main Concerns

  • Ensuring that I have the tools they need when they need them 
  • Effective information-sharing with customers and colleagues 
  • Easy to use and understand

C Level 

C-level users desire a productive and efficient business environment to enable all of their employees. Secondly, C-Level workers have essential time requirements and need a reliable solution.

Main Concerns

  • Maximize their time and meetings must be ready.
  • Ensure adoption of tools throughout the organization.
  • Ensure quick, easy use no matter what the location.

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Is your business growing with offices located throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia? Is your adoption of videoconferencing, telepresence, and desktop conferencing seen as a success, fostering better communication and collaboration amongst distributed teams and distributed management? Are you aiming to grow deployment of unified communication and collaboration, both by adding further group room systems and by permitting users to employ consumer-type devices such as Android tablets, Android smartphones, Apple smartphones, Apple tablets, and laptop computers?

The technical environment of your business is rapidly expanding and shifting due to UC&C growth and industry evolution. Without regular vulnerability scanning, scoring and incident mitigation, exploits cannot be mitigated, resulting in an increased risk of attack.

To tackle the problem, Pinnaca proposes superintending a cybersecurity assessment program in satisfaction of your goals. To define and clarify terms and definitions, technical vulnerability management--according to the SANS Institute.

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"Is your adoption of videoconferencing, telepresence, and desktop conferencing seen as a success, fostering better communication and collaboration amongst distributed teams and distributed management?"

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In the modern office, we're surrounded by an abundance of technology, and there is no bigger gripe than when the technology doesn't work together. Imagine attempting to join a meeting on a busy schedule when suddenly one device isn't working with another device, even though it worked correctly with a different device last week. There’s nothing more annoying; however, the answer is inherently simple. Interoperability. This fancy word has begun to float around the world of Unified Communication (check out our dictionary to understand that one!) more and more. Interoperability is defined as the "ability of computer systems or software to exchange and make use of information."

A lack of interoperability is a major issue for any business trying to move forward in this technological era. A noticeable issue that wastes one of your most critical resources... read the whole article here.


User Adoption

Unified Communications & Collaboration, when used effectively, can assist your company with achieving your strategic business goals. Effective use requires successful adoption, without it you’re left with wasted time, money and technology.

That’s why an effective Adoption Program gives end users the opportunity to become “Comfortable, Competent and Confident” when using visual communications. With early engagement, an Adoption program naturally creates and promotes a visual collaboration environment throughout your organization, enabling and empowering end users upon deployment.


Free Vs Premium video - what's the difference?

You’ve probably heard the names Skype, Google Hangouts, and Facetime. At some point you maybe even used their software for video communication. Making calls are pretty simple, they seem intuitive, and several offer high definition video and sound that can be seen on most devices, from laptops to cell phones. When it comes to video communication for business – that’s where the benefits end. Who do you call when the video stops working, freezes, or is not compatible with your device? How many people are you trying to conference in on the call and what technical knowledge do you need?... read full article.



7 Steps to Effectively Manage a Video Conference

Pinnaca Global Managed Services



An end-to-end managed service that enables organizations to enjoy the full benefits of their video communications technology, with increased reliability, flexibility and cost savings. Our service provides a consistent and high-quality user experience utilizing Pinnaca’s public and private cloud video infrastructure, or if you already own video infrastructure, we can manage it for you.
The services revolve around delivery, of the user experience. This involves world-class customer-facing services as well as disciplined behind-the-scenes monitoring and management to ensure all elements in the video conferencing eco-system are able to perform optimally.
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Things to consider:


UC&C Strategy:

Choosing your next UC&C platform can be overwhelming! Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, Polycom, etc.? We measure your requirements against each platform’s capabilities, creating a score card and systematic recommendation.

Video Program Assessment:

Do you already have a Video platform deployed within your organization but usage and adoption of the technology is low? We define use cases and map expectations against the customer’s current technology providing industry best practice recommendations and appropriate recommended change to deliver a successful video collaboration program.

Network Assessment:

Is your network infested? We access networks to consume the requisite bandwidth, eliminating traffic and errors that guzzle resources, jeopardize security, and erode your corporate profits. Further, we assist in identifying proper admission control and end-to-end QoS targets making it easier for administrators to maintain control.

Cyber Security:

What’s the chances your organization will be hacked? Have you planned for the worst and prepared reasonable countermeasures? With 15 billion devices connected to the IoT and growing, security has never been more critical. Let our security professionals help you meet your compliance regulations.

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recent Bloomberg article reported that Singapore is preparing itself for extreme growth in the finance sector, which is certainly an exciting proposition for the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. Singapore is specifically looking to position itself as a wealth management and foreign exchange center and hopes that the new focus area will create upwards of 4,000 new jobs for the island city-state.

The plan outlined by the Monetary Authority of Singapore sets an annual growth rate goal of 4.3 percent, which is higher than the planned overall economic growth rate of 2-3 percent included in a set of national strategies unveiled earlier this year. The financial sector accounts for about 13 percent of Singapore’s gross domestic product and employs around 200,000 people.


The Impact of UC&C - Dan Tanel, CTO.

One of the main focuses to help Singapore reach this goal is on financial technology, and while the exact types of technology aren’t spelled out in the Bloomberg article, Unified Communications & Collaboration Technology (UC&C) has to be a part of their overall plan in order to make their goals a reality.

Few, if any, industries operate at the rate that the financial industry does.  In that world, anything less than the fastest possible communication/transaction can literally cost an organization millions, if not billions, of dollars.... Read the full article here

 Chanjaroen, C. (2017). Singapore Unveils Plan to Create 4,000 Finance Sector Jobs.


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