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Video Conferencing and Unified Collaboration is the next step in communicaiton. With technology continuously progressing, driven by impressive improvements in the three P’s - price, performance and... plumbing.

Indeed, while the average selling prices for group video conferencing systems have fallen, important features have become standard fare, including support for full motion 1080p video and rich, wideband audio. Meanwhile, recent social and cultural changes have made video a normal mode of communications for consumers and both private and enterprise.


How does this apply to me?

The Utilities profession is challenged to offer cost-effective services, increase client satisfaction and revenue, while cutting costs. Immediate and precise communications can be delivered in the form of video conferencing to address many operational needs. Video conferencing provides access to experts, assistance with inter-office communications, facilitation of continuing education, expedited recruiting and the ability to conduct on site analysis and consultation quickly and effectively.


Terms commonly used in Utilities Conferencing:

Videoconferencing Definition:

Video Conferencing provides solutions for ab everyday collaboration need. Communicate face to face via cloud video and legacy video systems on Mobile (cellular) phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, web browsers (Web Real-Time Communication WebRTC), Boardrooms and video-enabled huddle rooms. 


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Overcome challenges

  • Accelerate product development
  • Improve quality, reduce the cost of design and production
  • Streamline the supply chain
  • Improved operations

Leverage remote experts

Remote capabilities enable an entire company’s network of skilled professionals to stay connected, creating a virtual pool of experts.

Reduce travel costs

Cisco studies have shown that companies enjoy up to 100% reduction in travel expenses when their plat operations are isolated from experts.

Deploy effective training solutions

A dynamic instructional video provides a better visual understanding of methods.

Improve production processes and product development

In the design, prototype, and launch phases, real-time video enables instant collaboration, reducing the amount of design and productions work.

Quality assurance

Video enables teams to remotely analyze product components, configuration and issues, taking the time and cost out of the process.

"Video enables teams to remotely analyze product components, configuration and issues, taking the time and cost out of the process."

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Video Conferencing as a Service (VCaaS)


A global, always-available virtual meeting space used for collaboration with customers, colleagues, partners, suppliers, and more. Connect all devices: room systems, mobile systems, desktop soft-clients, browsers, or phone systems. Our vast service is available through various technology options as well: Acano, Polycom, Cisco, Pexip, Vidyo. The end result is a versatile collaboration solution best suited to meet your specific needs.
Public-cloud, internet service equipped with personal or team meeting spaces that are accessible from any video-enabled device. The service is backed by our global VNOC and supported 24/7/365.
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Why Video?

As Utility companies grow their business, video technologies will continue to increase worker productivity. The workplace will see more handheld devices in tablet form. Manufacturers involved will want to have more control, more access and more security, and with it will come more complexity if not implemented thoughtfully and correctly. Pinnaca’s team of experts is here to help your company through the design, applications, implementation and challenges of deploying the strategic visual communications to meet your mission critical business goals.



Worker mobility is one of the biggest trends in Utilities organizations. Mobile workers using their BYODs (bring your own devices) today include: engineers, on the road technicians, plant managers, maintenance personnel, product designers, and quality control and facility workers. The ability to see what is going on is the advantage of mobile video-enabled workers. These mobile workers can move around the plant and send real-time video to developers in conference rooms using telepresence techniques.


"Video technologies will continue to increase your workers productivity

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 Benefits of video

    • Efficiency
      Courts & Corrections facilities can use video to lower costs of transporting specialists, consultants, contributors and contractors by conducting meetings and inspections via video. When customer service advice or documentation is needed video can help speed up the process improving efficiency and collaboration.

    • Training
      Video conferencing can be used to provide quick, cost effective and efficient training for government departments. Specialist can host and record training sessions that multiple people can attend from any location.

    • Easier Communication
      Increasing face-to-face interaction between geographically dispersed partners. Ideal for large law firms or different government departments. 

    • Saftey
      Fully hosted and managed Video Conferencing services offer users a secure private network meeting spaces that meet ISO27001 regulations.
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Security for your unified communications

Lawyer-client-confidentiality is a concept synonymous with the legal industry. The number one enemy of confidentiality is a security breach, so needless to say, lawyers and legal professionals must ensure that they are communicating with clients, paralegals, experts, witnesses and other courtroom personnel within the highly secured spaces that UC&C can provide.

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What is UC&C interoperability?


In the modern office, we're surrounded by an abundance of technology, and there is no bigger gripe than when the technology doesn't work together. Imagine attempting to join a meeting on a busy schedule when suddenly one device isn't working with another device, even though it worked correctly with a different device last week. There’s nothing more annoying; however, the answer is inherently simple. Interoperability. This fancy word has begun to float around the world of Unified Communication(check out our dictionary to understand that one!) more and more. Interoperability is defined as the "ability of computer systems or software to exchange and make use of information."

 Read the full article here.

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Pinnaca Global Managed Services



An end-to-end managed service that enables organizations to enjoy the full benefits of their video communications technology, with increased reliability, flexibility and cost savings. Our service provides a consistent and high-quality user experience utilizing Pinnaca’s public and private cloud video infrastructure, or if you already own video infrastructure, we can manage it for you.
The services revolve around delivery, of the user experience. This involves world-class customer-facing services as well as disciplined behind-the-scenes monitoring and management to ensure all elements in the video conferencing eco-system are able to perform optimally.
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UC&C Strategy:

Choosing your next UC&C platform can be overwhelming! Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, Polycom, etc.? We measure your requirements against each platform’s capabilities, creating a score card and systematic recommendation.


Video Program Assessment:

Do you already have a Video platform deployed within your organization but usage and adoption of the technology is low? We define use cases and map expectations against the customer’s current technology providing industry best practice recommendations and appropriate recommended change to deliver a successful video collaboration program.


Network Assessment:

Is your network infested? We access networks to consume the requisite bandwidth, eliminating traffic and errors that guzzle resources, jeopardize security, and erode your corporate profits. Further, we assist in identifying proper admission control and end-to-end QoS targets making it easier for administrators to maintain control.


Cyber Security:

What’s the chances your organization will be hacked? Have you planned for the worst and prepared reasonable countermeasures? With 15 billion devices connected to the IoT and growing, security has never been more critical. Let our security professionals help you meet your compliance regulations.




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Agriculture, Financial and Industrial Company

This Customer provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services to the world. Together with farmers, customers, governments and communities, this Customer helps people thrive by applying their insights and many years of experience. With 150,000 employees in 70 countries, our Customer is committed to feeding the world responsibly by reducing environmental their impact and improving communities.

As part of the communications tower, the Customer has committed to enhancing the level of communication across the global teams through the use of video conferencing technology.


A US Government Department

This U.S. Department is made up of agencies and offices with nearly 100,000 employees who serve the American people at locations across the United States and abroad. The biggest challenges the customer faced were around the executive experience and confidence in using a video program! They possessed ageing video equipment that was both cumbersome to use and working inefficiently.

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